Water Prayer



In 2016 Rev. Dr. Kendrick Weaver wrote the Water Prayer as a challenge to his congregation to engage in 365 consecutive days of prayer twice a day. The results and impact were beyond our imagination. 


Drink one glass of water when you rise from your bed. Recite your morning prayer. Drink one glass of water in the evening (ideally prior to your dinner) and recite the evening prayer. Repeat everyday and observe how your life is transformed.

Morning Prayer

Dear Lord, thank you for carrying me through the night. This day may I be pure as water. Bless my mind, so all my thoughts lead to your glory. Protect my heart, from the impurities of hatred, bitterness, pettiness, jealousy and anything unworthy of you. Guard my tongue from idle talk, gossip and slander. Give me eyes that I may see your goodness. Give me ears to respond to your call. Guide my hands and feet to be yours. By your grace, may I become a living representative of Jesus. Make me as pure as water this day. So be it. Amen.

Evening Prayer

Thank you, Lord, for carrying me through the day. Forgive me for all the impurities I allowed to enter my mind and heart. Make me as pure as water once again. Cleanse me of thoughts that did not live up to your love. Wash away all the desires that went against your will. Purify my mouth of the words spoken out of haste, anger and thoughtlessness. Have mercy on me for my poor decisions and failure to act from your Spirit. May I lie down and sleep in your peace. Make me pure as water. Cleanse me of everything that is not of you. So be it. Amen.