Sunday Centering Time 9:30 am Worship 10 am

Centering Time beings at 9:30 am. This a moment to be still preparing heart and mind for worship. During centering you a welcome to light a candle ,  pray at the altar or request someone to pray for you and with you. Union worship varies  a bit from Sunday to Sunday but overall were are burgeouning contemplative church.

Christian Meditation Group 4 pm (Next: 2/22/20)

Our monthly Christian meditation group meets on the fourth Saturday at 4 pm. Whether you are a beginner or experience in the discipline this group will have something for you. All are welcome.  Check the meetup page for the next meeting. 


Periodic Zoom (Online) Evening Teachings

To be notified of the next teaching : unionumc1@gmail.com


1) If you arrive early, just stay in Zoom and you will automatically be brought into the webinar once I log in. Please be patient. I will give everyone a minute or two to get in.

2) Your microphone will automatically be muted. 

3) Be present.

Resist the temptation to multitask during the webinar. The experience will be richer if you can be fully present. The content we are covering will require your concentration and undivided attention.

4) If you are sharing this link, then please also share the webinar etiquette.

Oasis Meditative Worship Sunday (Date: TBA)

Location will be off-site (near the church) 

RSVP at  unionumc1@gmail.com to receive location details

Time: 8 - 9 am

Come as you are.

Principles: Simplicity, Biblical, Hebraic,  Meditative

Faith and Fitness

We believe in worship with our bodies, souls and spirits. Connecting physical and spiritual health is extremely important to us. At least once a quarter we have a special health and wellness offering. We consider this as an extension of worship.